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                Our Features and Facilities

College Building is Large and gracefull. The infrastructure has been suitably planned to facilitate learning and all round development of the child. All rooms are big and airy . Library , Computer room, well decorated Laborateries of physics, chemistry, Jologyare in college. There are Music room, Large teacher room, elegent and large college campus in college and playing arraengment is appropriate in college for student. Culturel event, Science Exhibition, Children’s Fair, coundected in college campus time to time. First add services are also available in college.

College Location

College is located in South Kanpur, Jarauli phase-2. College is Connected with all major routs of city. The school stands on an extensive 2000 square meters campus in the Jarauli, Kanpur with Four Floor. It is located 2.5 milestone from the Barra Bypass, Bhauti-Rooma national high way (NH-2).


One Cafeteria is situated in College. Where foods consist with proteins and minerals are available and it can be brought with appropriate price.


Transportation facilities are also available for the primary junior students by which student will not suffer any problem.


In Summer- Still Gray Half/Full Pant, White Half/Full Shirt, Still Gray Socks()With Two White Circle), Black Leather shoes, Tie, Belt. In Winter- Still Gray Full Pant, White Shirt, Black Shoes, Tie, Belt, And Maroon Blazer. Thursday- House Color T-Shirt, White divided Skirt, White Full Pant, White Shoes, and white Socks (with Yellow Strip)


An institution of College level learning, Sardar Patel Inter College Jarauli phase-2 has an enriched library accessible for students and staff. .


In front of college Hostel is build. Where food, Residence, medical etc. facility are provided for students. The arrangement of Warden and Guard has done for skilled preside of Hostel.

Daily Time Table Of Hostel-

1. Morning wakeup time 4:30 o’clock
2. Time for exercise morning 5:00 o’clock to 5:30 o’clock
3. Morning study time in hostel 5:30 o’clock to 6:30 o’clock
4. College time 7:30 o’clock to 2:00 o’clock
5. Rest after lunch noon 2:30 o’clock to 3:30 o’clock
6. Study noon 3:30 o’clock to 6:00 o’clock
7. Sports evening 6:00 o’clock to 7:00 o’clock
8. Study evening 7:30 o’clock to 9:00 o’clock
9. Dinner at 9:30pm

Daily Menu (food Items)

1. Akunrit gram porridge and tea at morning 7:00 am
2. paratha or Roti with veggie at lunch in school lunches at 10:00 am
3. lunch at 2:30 pm Dal, Roti Rice Veggie and salad
4. Evening at 5:30 Bread Tea and Snacks
5. Dinner at 9:30 pm
6. Night at 10:00 pm one glass milk
7. Sunday special dish and Entertainment